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The Durham Civil Rights Heritage Project


The Durham Civil Rights Heritage Project (DCRHP) was founded to document the history of the Civil Rights Movement in Durham, North Carolina. The project began in 2003 and participants from numerous local heritage and professional organizations contributed. Photographs and oral histories were collected from local citizens. In 2020, the online exhibit was updated to reflect the continuing history of civil rights in Durham.

Civil Rights Timeline

  • National Events
  • Durham Events
    • National

      The Wilmington Race Riot implements Jim Crow in North Carolina

      A race riot organized by the white supremacist Redshirts in Wilmington, NC which led to the massacre of an estimated 14-60 blacks, the burning of the black newspaper "The Daily Record," the banishment of the legitimately elected biracial Fusion Party government, and the implementation of Jim Crow in North Carolina.

    • National

      Greensburg, Indiana, race riot in reaction to black migration north.

    • National

      National Association for the Advancement of Colored People formed.